Significance of The Champions League T20 for the youngsters

11 Sep 2010 by Mahendra Prasad in Champions League Twenty20
Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

With the champions league all set to kick off in less than 2 hours, what really do the player’s stand to hold from this?

If you look at it from the outset, their’s nothing to lose as far as the player’s are concerned.
Be it getting to rub shoulder’s with international players, sharing the dressing room with greats like Sachin Tendulkar, exposure to brilliant conditions or the glamour, this promises to be the best opportunity that youngster’s could get to showcase their talent. We spoke about all this in the IPL 2. However, what seems to be the difference here is that the pool of international player’s surpasses that of the Indian player’s which is contrary the case with the IPL.

Let’s look at this in a bit more detail:

Getting to run shoulders with international players: Having played at a domestic the youngster’s are used to a certain way of going about things with the people they know coming from the same culture and background. However, with the ACLT20 coming in, player’s now plan more professionally, there is a certain professionalism in the way they go about their scheme of things. Getting to play their idols and learning from them is an experience that cannot be matched. In all of this it’s the experience of such a thing that matters, it’s this experience that will help bring out the best in them.

Sharing the dressing room: There’s a lot to like about this , as for any cricketer, sharing the dressing room with living legends in Sachin Tendulkar could only do them good. More than a cricketing perspective, there’s a lot more to learn, the intricacies of the game for example. How to prepare for a match, certain routines a player goes through. All of this is beyond an experience for a player.

The conditions: As far as the conditions go, no youngster could have a better experience than playing on brilliant outfield’s, fast-seaming pitches. This especially is a great exposure for Indian youngster’s who don’t seem to fancy themselves with quick bouncy wickets. Something, that certainly prepares them for the test that lies ahead in the future.

Platform: If ever you had to have a youngster establish himself on the international arena, it had to be the ACLT20 for me, even if it means surpassing the IPL. This is largely due to the fact that, the ACLT20 is not just played in one country. Also, the number of foreign nationals is considerably much more than what is to be seen in the IPL or any other domestic league for that matter. All in all, an ideal platform for young guns to knock on the doors of selectors and prove worthy of a place in their respective national side’s.

However, the question we are asking here is different.
Do the youngster’s really need all this at such a young age?

After all the Tendulkar’s, the Lara’s , the Ponting’s weren’t made of all this. In an age where gym-ing and other modes of training seem to have made fast bowler’s weaker, one fears this could do the same to the upcoming youngsters. All fast bowlers did in the past was run in and bowl and bowl their heart out. That was and remains the best form of training once could ask for. However, in this age and in the advent of Twenty 20, things seem to have changed. Another influencing factor is the huge money that these lucrative cash rich leagues offer. It is a debatable issue and it remains to be seen whether in the future generations one will be able to differ between the good and the great or whether the two terms end up to be synonymous with each other.

Only time can tell whether this would really be the case or not. As an advent follower of cricket one wishes otherwise hoping we to witness better quality cricket with time passing.


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