How has the game evolved?

Cricket Rules | 26 May 2010

It’s been over 100 years since Australia and England first clashed at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on 15th March 1877. From increasing protective equipment to covered pitches to money to match-fixing to technology—The game has changed!

Is it time to implement the UDRS?

Cricket Rules | 24 May 2010

In recent times, the issues of cricket getting predictable, being unfair to bowlers, and the use of technology in the game, have become rather serious topics.

When should captains take the batting Power Play?

Cricket Rules | 06 Feb 2010

The power play was introduced in mid 2005 when the 15 over field restrictions was done away with. The power play at its inception basically implied that in the first power play—(10 Overs) over-1 to 10 would have only two fielders outside the 30 yard circle. In the second and third power plays which the […]

The credibility of 50-over cricket

Cricket Rules | 28 Jan 2010
The credibility of 50-over cricket

Cricket was first played over a span of five days between a few teams like England, Australia and South Africa. This five-day format is called test cricket. Soon, other countries too joined in and started playing cricket, taking it as a serious sport. Test cricket was at its peak until the first ever 60-overs one-day […]

Batsmen’s game

Cricket Rules | 23 Jan 2010

It’s been over 100 years since the game’s inception—a lot has changed. The game has swayed from bowlers to batsmen. Some of the factors deciding this could be: Placid wickets: Flat decks are found in most stadiums across the world. This is due to the commercialization of the game as people like to see more […]