Should Bangladesh be playing test cricket?

28 May 2010 by Mahendra Prasad in England Vs Bangladesh Test Series 2010
Shahadat Hossain celebrates his wicket

Shahadat Hossain celebrates his wicket

I write this article as I watch Bangladesh take on England at the home of cricket lords. Its lunch time on the second day of the first test match and Bangladesh seem to be playing without any motive, an absolute disgrace to the game of test cricket.

It was almost coming down to lunch time before umpire Ashoka de Silva from Sri Lanka decided on one more over before the clock ticked over the stipulated 1 o clock time. Bangaldeshi skipper Shakib al Hasan handed the ball over to former captain Mohammad Ashraful.

Ashraful bowled an over of absolute dollies depicting nonchalance towards the game of test cricket. Slow leg breaks, nothing more than 40 miles per hour short and wide, some looped up even over the shoulder. The balls were so slow that one of them couldn’t be recorded on the speed gun. Atrocious piece of cricket!

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So, the question arises should test cricket be streamlined to the top 8 teams in the world? Will test cricket miss the Bangladeshi’s?

The matter is as much the concern of survival of test cricket as it is of giving an opportunity to upcoming nations like Bangladesh on the international arena. But do they deserve it? Are they doing justice to it?

After seeing something like this I have my reserves about answering these questions.

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Well, it can always be said that the critics are always out armed with daggers ready to strike. However, in retrospect one could say that it was one over to lunch and a culmination of slackened bodies and minds could have caused this.

Whatever be the reason, one thing is certain international test cricket was not made for this. International test cricket was made for quality and I am afraid that is not to be seen anywhere keeping the ashes aside.


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