Will Pakistan Be Able To Beat Sri Lanka In ICC World T20 Final?

20 Jun 2009 by Jack in ICC Men's T20 World Cup

pakistanAbove question is worth millions dollars, and hovering in every cricket fan’s mind. Pakistan making to the finals beating the South Africa and in the last semifinal Sri Lanka made to the finals trampling West Indies. Pakistan hidden match wining talent and Sri Lanka in true sense being excellent with bat and bowl, we can expect great entertainment and excitement in ICC World T20 final.

Initially in ICC World T20 defending champions India and South Africa were being expected to be most entertaining. But Indians turned out to be the IPL’s millionaire’s underdogs, and on the other side it was expected of South Africa making to the final, but again they succumbed to pressure proving themselves to be perennial chokers. West Indies challenging and Gayle’s powerful batting was threatening to the any opposition but on Friday 19th of June they lost too badly to the Lankans despite Gayle’s attempt, whole team under performed and lost by huge margin of 57 runs to Sri Lanka.

Now we have too unexpected teams in the ICC World T20 finals, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Pakistan which was crumbling initially; team which was perturbed by the situations back home due to Taliban and recent attack on Sri Lankans in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket was on the low, and spirit of sanguinity was invisible in Pakistan initially. Many cricket experts and gurus never expected anything good of Pakistan by losing to India and England in ICC World T20, but Pakistan spirits took a new life and optimism raised with the better performance by Gul and Afridi and coming back of Abdul Rassaq in the team. Optimism led them to the finals of ICC World and beating the invincible South Africa. Unpredictable Pakistan turned the tables and eventually snatching it from South Africa in semifinals. Pakistan’s image has been blotted by bowl tampering accusations on Gul, but still avoiding everything Pakistan stands confident and prevailing contender.

Sri Lanka with its world class experienced bowlers and batsmen, stands natural champions, as they played each game like a champions. Sri Lanka took every match with every blink of eyes and has been constant threat to every team. Sri Lanka recently escaped terrorist attack in Pakistan, some players got injured; but miraculously we saw Lankans recovering and qualifying for the finals. Team sprits are touching sky and anyone can see them bounded in single thread and each player being supportive to other. Sri Lanka has undying optimism and team spirit, these virtues makes them champions in itself. Sri Lankan bowling attack is best but the batting need to be reckoned with. Sri Lanka’s bowlers have consistently throughout the ICC World T20 and have been delivering excellently, but often batting line up have not been able to supportive except Dilshan doing great job on the spur of moments.

Market of speculations is hot, people are betting on both sides, Lankans have been on stronger side. But still unpredictable Pakistan can do the magic.


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