English Women Pecked Out Kiwis To Reach The Peak Of Glory: ICC Women’s World T20 Championship

22 Jun 2009 by Jack in ICC Women’s T20 World Cup

England ChampJune 21, London, on historical ground Lord’s, we saw English Women soaring to the highest peak of glory, becoming assertive and most powerful. It was English brunch and kiwi’s crunch; England played like a champions and came out champions of ICC Women’s World T20 winners. Kiwis were no competition to England, not even they were able to meet English standards. On England side it was impeccable and unmatched win; England dominated the match and eventually achieved well deserved victory of 6 wickets over Kiwis to become ICC Women’s World T20 Champions.

It was big match ICC Women’s World T20 final, England won the toss and opted to field; it was sensible decision to choose bowling, as the pitch was faster and bowler friendly, and pace with in swing and off spin was easily possible. Brunt made it possible with her scorching and searing bowling attack, giving no possible room to Kiwis batswomen for a single chance and picking significant wickets of Lucy Doolan(14), Aimee Watkins (2) and Rachel Priest (0) giving off only 6 runs with a maiden over. England other bowlers also brilliantly performed and bowled good length bowl, often giving no space to batswomen to go for the shoots. Nicola Shaw and Jenny Gunn took 2-2 wickets and Laura Marsh and Charlotte Edwards took 1-1 wickets; England bowling sabotaged the New Zealand batting line up, hence Kiwis were able to put up only 85 runs with all out in the last 20th over.

Kiwis batting were worse and too low even to their own standards; no batswomen sustained on pitch for longer. Every batswomen were being wondered to be longing to return to the pavilion and they did the same one by one. Aimee Watkins (2) was expected to lead the way for Kiwis because of her last thrilling 96 runs innings but she turned out to be absolute loser. Amy Satterthwaite(19), Lucy Doolan (14), Sophie Devine (10) and Kate Pulford (14) were only batswomen to score double digits but less than 20 aggregating only 85 runs for all out on the scoreboard.

Kiwis scoreboard halted at 85 and 85 runs was the target, it was decided and only obligation left on England side, that has to be done with and it was easily done as anticipated. 85 runs target was too easily achievable target for the side like England, and it was easily done by Claire Taylor (23) and Sarah Taylor (39). England achieved target and finished the match in 17th over just losing 4 wickets.

Everything on England side was too simpler and easier; Kiwis winded up their innings at 85 runs, everyone anticipated with affirmation that England are the ICC Women’s World T20 Champions and they proved that with charm. With charming smile and gleaming glory on their face, English Women celebrated the biggest victory of ICC Women’s World T20 Championship out doing English men in there Gentleman’s game.


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