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02 Feb 2010 by Mahendra Prasad in IPL

Money in cricket is something that’s always been there but not to the extent that’s come in with the IPL and the champion’s league that’s to name a few. Also, commercials have been playing their role too thereby drawing the interests of the cricketers to other fields.

Two of the main recent contributors to money in cricket in the recent past have been the IPL (Indian premier league) and the Champions League 20-20. The IPL is basically a twenty-twenty competition which follows a double round robin and a knock out stage. It is now the most watched twenty20 cricket competition in the world.

On the other hand the Champions league comprises of teams from all around the world who have reached either the semi’s or finals of their domestic 20-20 championships. He organised a twenty20 competition where in the winner takes all who was to be awarded with 20million$. The match was between the West Indians and England which was eventually won by the West Indians.

Due to the severe involvement of money the cricket playing nations have started suffering where as the players don’t seem to mind it at all as they’ve been having more demand hence more options for them. One of the biggest problems for the national cricket boards has been that due to the involvement of money players who used to earlier retire at the age of 36-37 have started contemplating whether to retire a year or two early and instead play in cricket league’s like the IPL and ICL thus earn 4 times the amount of what their boards paid them annually.

An example to this has been when two English cricketing giants namely Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen had been bided for the highest amount in the IPL (both for 1.55 million$) which was to be followed by a horribly embarrassing defeat to the west indies of a 51 all-out scenario. Former English skipper Nasser Hussain has blamed his team’s loss to the recently then concluded auction which caused casualness and distraction.

Although ICL too is on the similar lines of the IPL the difference is clearly seen. ICL prides itself on giving opportunity to talented youngsters where as IPL is more about being famous. And here comes the money which sets the IPL and the ICL apart. Due to its money fame and hype IPL is a major success throughout the world where as ICL finds it difficult to even make the news papers on a regular basis. Due to this, irrespective of their performance cricketers in the ICL are unable to make it to the Indian team.

One off tournaments like the Stanford twenty20 hasn’t done much good either. Former Officials have already voiced their concerns with one of them saying that “I am pained to see how money has ruined the game, the latest example of which is the mess created by England Cricket Board’s now-terminated alliance with fraud-accused business tycoon Allen Stanford. I feel the ECB did the right thing by terminating their contracts with Stanford but I reckon the damage has already been done.”

By playing for different leagues, new different competitions players may earn money but will definitely lose their pride in playing for their country.


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