Want to be a great batsman: Make sure you are not TALL

27 Jan 2010 by Mahendra Prasad in News
Donald Bradman

Donald Bradman

Want to be a great batsman: Make sure you are not TALL

What distinguishes the good and the great batsmen from each other?

Hours of concentration, determination, hard work and technique.  If one ever needed proof that good things do come in small packages we don’t have to look beyond the cricketing circle. The following statistic proves the above:

Height Test Avg. Test Runs ODI Avg. ODI Runs
Sachin Tendulkar 5ft 5in. 54.58 12773 44.40 16917
Ricky Ponting 5ft 10in. 55.88 11345 43.27 12118
Brian Lara 5ft 8in. 52.88 11953 40.48 10405
Sir Donald Bradman 5ft 7in. 99.94 6996
Sunil Gavaskar 5ft 5in 51.12 10122 35.13 3092
Allan Border 5ft 9in. 50.56 11174 30.62 6524
Sanath Jayasuriya 5ft 6in. 40.07 6973 32.54 13377
Sourav Ganguly 5ft 11in. 42.17 7212 41.02 11363

These men are not just here proving a point; they have crossed the periphery of greatness. At least 7 out of the 8 batsmen mentioned above featuring in the Top 8 run getters in the world be it in the test or one day format. The only one missing out being Sir Donald Bradman but, who can ever question the greatness of THE “DON”.

What is it with these batsmen? Are they able to pick length better or is it just pure co-incidence. Are the good length balls to short for them? It is important for every bowler to change their length depending on the height and the manner in which a batsman plays. What’s the problem here? Perhaps, the bowlers have just not adapted to these “kind” of batsmen.

Is the recipe to being a great batsman being short? Perhaps, one of the shorties could tell.

Indeed, good things do come in SMALL packages.



  • Prathik Raj
    February 27, 2011 @ 10:29 am

    That is just dumb, you want me to show you some real hard hitters and playmakers who made the team win who were all tall?

  • Arjun Khop
    March 21, 2011 @ 12:46 pm

    @ Prathik- With the exception of Viv Richards and Kallis perhaps, name a few?
    Maybe you just dont understand the term great, cause you can never get there ever! Jerk!
    Hard hitters are not necessarily great, fool!

  • Prathik Raj
    March 22, 2011 @ 5:40 am

    @Arjun First of all 5’10 and more is considered tall, so take ricky, saurav our.. Sachin is the only short guy there, others are normal.

    People like you are a shame for the country, bastards who have no future.

  • Arjun Khop
    March 22, 2011 @ 6:32 am

    5 10 is only considered short in India, dumb

  • Little Johnny
    March 22, 2011 @ 7:11 am

    You both are dumb idiots. Height has nothing to do with producing great Batsman. It just happens that most of the great batsman were short.

    5′ 10″ is tall for India where average height is 5′ 8″. 5′ 10″ is normal for a country like England and it is darf for a country like Sweden. In Nepal 5′ 10″ is giant.

    So don’t waste ur brain on figure out height and gretness of batsman.

    Another reason why great batsman are short is that they can’t bowl. Short players can’t be great bowler so they tend to bat and hence they have majority in batting.

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