Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) in International Cricket

01 Jul 2009 by Jack in Players Lifestyle

Wife of Indian cricketer Laxman.Critics in cricket may argue the fact that WAGs are required to travel with international cricketers in some of their tours, but if you closely analyze the rigors of international cricket, it is now days a must. Cricket players on the international circuit travel and play non-stop cricket throughout the year. This takes a heavy toll on their mind and body particularly during long competitive tours. During that time, they do require the presence of their wives or girlfriends to provide them the required warmth and care, which is otherwise missing.

Cricket the gentleman’s game is not an army mission or merchant navy kind of job where a person needs to stay away from their family members for a long time. In fact, cricket offers a great opportunity for the intermingling of different cultures by introducing activities for WAGs while the cricketers play it hard on the field. Just imagine the wife of a Sri Lankan player having a conversation about her daily schedule with the wife of an Australian player. This is something unique that would bring a positive and important edge to cricket. It can lead to important cultural exchanges between the countries.

Girlfriend of cricketerIt is not essential that the WAGs can only be busy when the cricketers are around. They can go for a host of activities like organizing of fund raising ceremonies, exhibitions, and other similar activities, which can help raise funds to support charity work across the world. The respective cricket boards of each country can plan a schedule that offers enough activities for the WAGs to keep them busy during the tour. In between, they can even catch a glimpse of their man toiling hard on the field. The most important thing is that not all the WAGs are available for travel with the cricketers during their tour. Some may have personal commitments to work and their family life. Therefore, those WAGs who can commit to support their man during the tour should be provided special attention.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the attention from cricket will be diverted in any ways. In fact, the presence of the WAGs can help the cricketers relax and put their focus on cricket. All other distractions can be handled by these WAGs. The old days of cricketing culture, where the captain and the board members refused to allow WAGs to meet the cricketers is gone. No longer, do cricket boards around the world look at WAGs as something causing distraction. In fact, in this era of high intensity cricket, the WAGs are essential to offer moral and emotional support to the cricketers.

In this era of modern cricket, the cricket boards want to offer the newly married players or cricketing couples with a chance to be together. This is something, which is essential to create a strong bonding between the cricketers and their WAGs. No board wants to disappoint their promising young cricketing stars, who otherwise will have the tension of juggling around with two tasks such as playing cricket and managing their personal lives. This initiative by the boards to allow WAGs to be along with the cricketers provides a great deal of encouragement towards the welfare, stress management, and relationship development for the cricketers. They can now focus only on cricket whereas the board takes care of all other activities along with the WAGs.

It may not be possible to allow cricketers the opportunity to go for a vacation and fulfill their family commitments, as the international cricket calendar is jam packed with tours and competitions. In such a scenario, a cricketer may have tough time convincing the WAGs to stay committed to them. Therefore, it is essential to allow the WAGs an opportunity to be with their man and understand their daily schedule during a cricket tour or tournament. This brings in a lot of flexibility in the lives of the cricketers for the future cricketing activities. The WAGs can also spend some quality time touring the place and checking out its attractions. They can also spend time while going out for shopping and purchasing souvenirs from that place. Overall, the presence of WAGs stands out to be a good proposition for international cricket.


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