Of missed opportunities and intriguing battles

Of missed opportunities and intriguing battles

Graeme Smith’s statement that, with a little bit of luck and better application, they could have won the Test series against England 3-1 is a fair assessment. However, it wouldn’t also be wrong to say that the visitors battled mighty hard to save the two Tests and as such the end result 1-1 can be […]

Hand it to England

It would be totally unfair to compare Pakistan’s miraculous loss at Sydney to South Africa’s heartbreak (their second in three Tests) at Cape Town. But the feeling of dejection in the two camps wouldn’t be a lot different. Both sides will be left wondering with the feeling of ‘what if’. And while, South Africa’s bowlers […]

Expect a close contest at Cape Town

After a disappointing outing at Durban, South Africa have a lot of thinking to do as they go into the deciding Test at Cape Town. England, on the other hand, will be buoyed by their sensational effort in the second Test and will look to carry on in the same vein. However, they have a […]