Yuvraj Singh: Time for introspection

22 Sep 2010 by Mahendra Prasad in Yuvraj Singh
Yovraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

After being axed yet again, for the Test series against Australia, Yuvraj Singh might be beginning to wonder what the future holds for him, at least as far as his Test career is concerned. Injury, fitness and poor form, the former Kings XI Punjab skipper has seen it all in what has been a forgettable year for him. However, the lanky and now extremely experienced left-handed batsman must not feel completely disheartened.

Every one goes through bad times. However, he must remember that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. This is the time for introspection for Yuvraj, with five months left to go for the World Cup. His Test cricket career can take a backseat for the moment. As of now, he needs to concentrate on getting himself fit for the big test in one-dayers. But obviously, he will be in the scheme of things for next year’s cricketing bonanza. But, for that, he needs to bring himself to prime form.

Yuvraj cannot be blamed for everything that has gone wrong with him in the last year. At the same time, he cannot be absolved of his wrongdoings. It has been a bit of both bad luck and lack of professionalism that has contributed to Yuvraj’s latest downfall. Nothing much can be done about the luck factor, but considering the amount of experience behind him, he must surely have found out what else went wrong with him. And so, this isn’t a bad time for Yuvraj to pick up the pieces. After all, he is still 29, an age when most batsmen are at their peak.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

He needs to start from scratch though, and must have the tenacity to go back to a lower grade of cricket and get his act right. It won’t be easy especially after ten years at the top. But then, the best in Indian cricket, from Sourav Ganguly to VVS Laxman, have done it and come back as better players. So also, Yuvraj has the capability to make a strong comeback. He has done it before and there is no reason why he can’t do it again. After all, he is more mature now compared to the last time he was dropped.

Apart from the batting aspect, he needs to work his way back on his fielding skills as well. And for that staying fit is of utmost importance. It is not easy considering the kind of lavish lifestyle the ‘prince’ enjoys and also the added distractions named IPL and T20 cricket, apart from fashion shows and TV appearances. And thus, this is where the real test will come for Yuvraj. Does he have the inspiration to battle his way back, or is he satisfied with what he has achieved so far, which isn’t unimpressive by any stretch of the imagination, but borders on the line of expected considering his humungous talent.

How Yuvraj shapes up in the next couple of months, will go a long way in determining how far his international career stretches from this point. Further, there will be two major challenges in front of Yuvraj in the times to come. One is to get his Test career back on track and the other will be to re-establish his one-day supremacy. If he fails in either, he will not have done absolute justice to his potential.


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